Medford Senior Care is a home town option for seniors who are no longer able to live independently. Our facility is privately owned, state licensed and built to accommodate the unique needs of aging adults.

Resident Apartments:

There are several apartment sizes to choose from. Each is tastefully decorated, handicap accessible and equipped with call lights, private bathroom with walk in showers, kitchenette, fireplace, air conditioning, optional cable TV and phone line. Our standard apartment is an ample 330 square feet. The next size up is 408 square feet with the largest suite boasting 500 feet of living space.


Medford Senior Care welcomes residents and visitors alike with a large shaded front porch, backyard patio with flowering trees and shrubs, a beauty shop, coffee shop, home theatre and bath bay with walk in soaking tub. For an extra measure of comfort, resident rooms feature in-floor heat with access to year around temperature control.

Apartments are equipped with an intercom system and residents will be issued a pendant style call light device to summon staff assistance.


Resident Assistants are available 24 hours a day to assist residents with the activities of daily living. Residents are able to receive assistance with dressing, grooming, ambulation, incontinence care, bathing, medication disbursement, blood pressure monitoring and so on.

Nurses are onsite to monitor overall well being and assess for illness or injury. Medford Senior Care is able to provide for individuals with a variety of health care needs such as diabetes, continence care, mobility issues, comprehension challenges and other age related issues.

Dietary Staff will prepare and serve three nutritious meals in our dining area. Resident apartments are designed with small kitchenettes for those who wish to retain an element of independence and have the option of entertaining guests.

Activity Personnel will facilitate age appropriate activities and socialization. Our home theatre will feature daily popcorn and action packed movies.

A Licensed Beautician will be available to provide hair care services such as perms, coloring, shampoos, cuts and styling.

Monthly Rates:

A pre-admission screening will be conducted to assess the resident’s needs and capabilities. Cost will be determined accordingly. Choice of apartment size will also factor into cost, as there are several sizes available.

Funding may be available through the State of Minnesota to help defray the cost for lower income applicants. Contact Steele County Social Services for more information.

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